What I did on my summer vacation!

How to avoid honey do's!

I was born in New England and summarily exiled to Northern Florida (read southern Georgia - real southern Georgia) at the tender age of one. I was raised by an extremely devout (read fanatic) Irish Catholic mother and an acquiescent southern son of a chicken plucker. I was educated at Catholic school from first to twelveth at the insistance of my mother after she had taken one look at the local public school system and their worldly, enlightened views. I remained in my home town after high school for my girl friend, much to the dismay of her parents! I attended the local community college and began taking business courses. After two years of no life changing revelations, I applied for the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the home town university. I was hoping to go out of town, well, slightly out of town, but it was not to be. I graduated, was commissioned an Ensign, and began my world conquering campaign by going to Newport, Rhode Island, for a semester of boat school in the summer. Thankfully, the America's Cup sailing races were on and I wasn't completely bored! I did get to visit my home of one year and realize exactly why my older brother hated our father so much! I continued my naval schooling, after all, I had only completed sixteen years at that point, in Philadelphia. It was through a colleague that I met my wife of twenty-nine years. The remainder of this bio is, quite possibly, too risque' for this free site! Besides, I really have to get back to work!